I am huge believer that finding the magic in everything keeps your mind young and unspoilt by modern society, I am drawn to the magical side of life; to those childhood 'wonderthings' that make you stop and  marvel at the the world.

Some of my first memories are of the magic & make believe I found in nature and books, such as The Magic Far Away Tree, The Borrowers, the Minpins, Bramley Hedge & other similarly brilliant classics.

Everything is an adventure when you are a child, everything is a new discovery, I have always been somewhat of a big kid, and I am still blowing dandelion clocks, sticking sycamore seeds on my nose & collecting stones with holes all the way through whenever luck should allow (a challenge my Dad would often set at the beach with the promise of ice cream).

I now have two gorgeous children of my own, so I now have a constant excuse to behave like one too- hurrah!

I was brought up to imagine, dream big and aim high which I endeavour to do daily, keeping life light hearted is so important, if you agree then these collections are made with you in mind.


Shopping small makes it possible for each independent business like mine keep going, and I can assure you that each and every order I get still makes me do a little dance of joy. 


Thank you for Popping by. xx

handmade silver necklaces, wishbon, star orbit, key and star seed