Hannah has an eclectic past. From professional gilder to visual merchandiser for high street retailers, she has a varied and vibrant creative history.

Her specialist gilding and restoration work can be seen in the beautiful features of Clare College Cambridge, as well as the luxury Goring Hotel in London’s Belgravia.

After graduating in contemporary craft at Falmouth University, Hannah joined a collaborative gallery and workshop at Jubilee Wharf in Penryn, designing and making her own unique brand of jewellery, a modern mix of sterling silver and hand dyed resin.

Hannah’s work is directly inspired by both her environment and her own life experiences. With a young family of her own, her latest jewellery collection has an inquisitive childlike quality, using interactive elements and storytelling qualities to create pieces that link parents and grandparents with the special youngsters in their life.

​“I am drawn to the magical side of life,” said Hannah.

"I am huge believer that finding the magic in everything keeps your mind young and unspoiled by modern society. It’s those childhood 'wonderthings' that make you stop and marvel at the world."

Many of the designs draw directly from her own childhood experiences. A particular inspiration is  the literature of her youth, including The Magic Far Away Tree, The Borrowers, The Minpins and Bramley Hedge.

"Some of my strongest childhood memories are of the magic and make-believe that I found in nature and books,” continued Hannah.

“Everything is an adventure when you are a child, everything is a new discovery. I have always been somewhat of a big kid and now that I have two gorgeous children of my own, I have a constant excuse to behave like one!”

Hannah is fiercely proud to be a maker based in Cornwall. Shopping local makes it possible for independent businesses like Hannah’s to thrive and the support of her own community is something she is so grateful for.

"I can assure you that each and every order I get still makes me do a little dance of joy.”

Thank you for Popping by. I cant wait to make you something really special xx



HannahMary Jewellery

Cornwall, England

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